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Teaching Lab Information Pages

These pages are designed to provide information on Teaching Labs within SEE, their location, application sets and timetables. They also contain information on how to request the installation of software in these Teaching Labs for each academic year.

The Labs

There are several teaching labs under the control of SEE:

  • TLA - Dual-boot Linux/Windows XP (DST) - Located on 1st Floor Fleming Jenkin Building[1]
  • TLB - Dual-boot Linux/Windows XP (DST) - Located on 1st Floor Fleming Jenkin Building[1]
  • TLC - Unix (Sun Solaris) - Located on 1st Floor Alrick Building
  • TLD - Dual-boot Linux/Windows XP (DST) - Located on 1st Floor Fleming Jenkin Building[1]
  • TLE - Project Lab - Unmanaged - Located on 1st Floor Fleming Jenkin Building (behind TLD)[1]
  • TLF - Dual-boot LCFG Linux/Windows XP (DST) - Located at end of 1st Floor Fleming Jenkin Building
  • TLG - Dual-boot LCFG Linux/Windows XP (DST) - Located on Ground Floor Fleming Jenkin Building North Entrance

[1] TLA/B/D/E - are electronic hardware labs, not general purpose computing labs


The Timetable for all SEE Teaching Labs is located here - SEE Teaching Lab Timetable


The Unix/Linux application set is available here - Unix/Linux Applications

The Windows XP (DST) School applications are available on many machines throughout the University microlabs - a list is available here - Microlabs Application Distribution (updated nightly).

Information for Academic Staff:

Changes for 2005-2006

Requesting Applications

ALL applications for use in the Teaching Labs must be vetted with the IT Team before purchase, since there are several requirements that must be fulfilled for applications to be useable in the labs.

Forms for requesting new software are available here - Software Request Forms

In particular, Windows XP has strict requirements regarding application suitability. The list of requirements is available here - Windows XP Requirements.

Application Packaging

Any applications requested for use in the labs needs to be packaged so that is can be installed automatically. There are various stages in this packaging process, and once applications have been packaged, they are tested by the appropriate academic and signed off against. Once this is complete, applications are moved into the 'stable' list, and are left unchanged for the whole academic year, apart from some exceptional cases.

A definitive list of the state of the microlabs for the forthcoming session is available here: Windows XP Package Development - STATUS PAGE - Note, this page should ONLY be viewed ina standards-compliant web-browser, such as Mozilla or Firefox - it will NOT render correctly in Internet Explorer.

This list includes those applications which have proved unsuitable for use in the microlabs - these are listed in the 'Failed' table.

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