LaTeX version 2.09 and friends

The LaTeX typesetting system has recently gone through an update to a better font handling system, so this documentation for version 2.09 is only valid until everyone stops using version 2.09. However, for backward compatability with various conference organisers, and those of ancient LaTeX vintage (like myself), a minimum amount of maintenance is provided for this system. It would be best for all concerned though, if you have a choice, to use, or start using, LaTeX2e.

LaTeX version 2.09

The basic LaTeX version 2.09 may be run with the command latex which is normally followed by a filename. (See Getting started with TeX and LaTeX for more details).


The first major modification of the font handling for this system was the addition of the new font selection scheme (NFSS) for which a fair amount of support was built up. LaTeX files requiring to be run under this system may be formatted using the nfsslatex command. (Note that some tex files will require an additional documentstyle option, newlfont to operate correctly).

Local guide

The ubiquitous local guide is available, however it is a bit out of date now, so may not document all of the style options avaliable. However, for LaTeX 2.09 and NFSS LaTeX it's not a bad starting point. Users are encouraged to use the documentation on the WWW as this will document all of the available style options, although the descriptive text may not be as complete as in the local guide.

The style options and categories can be broken up into the following areas:

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