Basic Management Skills

by Gerard M Blair



The following is a series of articles on Basic Management Skills which appeared in IEE Engineering Management Journal bimonthly from Oct 1991 until Apr 1993 (and which won the journal Premium Award :-)).

  1. Teams and Groups.
  2. Presentation Skills.
  3. Time Management.
  4. Quality in the Team.
  5. Writing Skills (expanded here).
  6. Delegation.
  7. Managing People.
  8. Oral Communication.
  9. Project Planning.
  10. Becoming a Great Manager.

THE BOOK is better

The series has been expanded into a book together with exercises/suggestions to develop the skills within your current work situation. The book is published in the UK by Chartwell-Bratt Ltd and in the USA by the IEEE Press. _________________________________________


As part of the annual team-building exercise for Masters students in Electrical Engineering (within the Project Management module), we have web-resources on: _________________________________________



Gerard M Blair was a Senior Lecturer in VLSI Design and Project Management in the Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK. He welcomes feedback either by email or by other methods found here