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11th June 2012
Items of news for the School should be emailed to
New items are marked



School News




Windows 7 - David Stewart

Information about the Windows 7 and Office 2010 projects are available at: ttps:// The latest School "IT News" is available at:




New Staff/Visitor Card and Smartload Registration Email

After getting a new staff or visitor card you will be sent an email from: with Subject: Smartload Registration

The email is very short on detail and a number of people have thought it is spam/phishing email as it directs you to a web page and asks you to enter your c/card details. It is in fact a legitimate email from the providers of the University Cashless Catering system.

David Stewart has asked IS to ask the company to make the email clearer about why it is being sent.




 Door Access

To simplify procedures for activation of staff/student /visitor cards there is now a form to be completed online and this is available on the school web site.

Please ensure that this new procedure is used from now on.






A link has been provided in the left hand margin of the main page for those wishing to access the School Bulletin archive.



Items of news for the School should be emailed to