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Edinburgh bright sparks solve our internet problems ... with the flick of a light switch

Dr Harald Haas

Dr Harald Haas

Photo courtesy of Mark Duffy

The D-Light technology utilises the high-speed switching properties of white LED’s (light emitting diodes) as a method of wireless data communication with data rates equivalent to conventional 802.11 wireless networks and additional benefits of:

  • Energy efficiency – uses LED lighting infrastructure with no additional power requirements
  • Wider spectrum – more capacity than WiFi frequency bands
  • Improved Security – does not penetrate beyond building walls
  • No electromagnetic interference – alleviates health concerns over RF transmissions

As LED’s increasingly displace incandescent lighting over the next few years, general applications of D-Light technology are expected to include wireless internet access, vehicle to vehicle communications, broadcast from LED signage, machine to machine communications etc. The research team believe that VLC technology also has potential in a number of specialised application areas including the following:

  • Hospital & Healthcare – enabling mobility and data communications in hospitals
  • Hazardous Environments – enabling data communications in environments where RF is potentially dangerous (such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Mining)
  • Commercial Aviation – enabling wireless data communications such as in flight entertainment and personal communications
  • Corporate and Organisational Security – enabling the use of Wireless Networks in applications where WiFi presents a security risk
  • WiFi Spectrum Relief – providing additional bandwidth in environments where unlicensed communication bands are congested
  • Green Computing – greater energy efficiency
  • Defence & Military Applications – enabling high data rate wireless communications within military vehicles and aircraft
  • Underwater communications – between divers and/or remote operated vehicles.

Additional Information:

Professor Harald Haas was recently invited to give a prestigious TED talk (Technology Entertainment and Design) on his new visible light communications technology.

The Harald's TED video is now available on line at : Harald gives a very compelling (non-technical) talk on visible light communications with an excellent demo.


July 2010


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