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Dr Luke Bisby

Research Interests:


Dr Bisby is has extensive experience in experimental methods for structural fire safety engineering. He is interested various aspects of structural fire engineering, with particular emphasis on uses of fibre reinforced polymers (FRP) in civil engineering applications, unbonded post-tensioned concrete structures, and the effects of fire and thermal cycling on structures and materials. Current research includes: the rehabilitation and/or upgrading of reinforced concrete structures using FRP, the use of FRPs in new construction applications, textile reinforced mortar structural strengthening systems, and test methods and numerical modelling to simulate the fire behaviour of structures and materials.


"Heating-Induced Prestress Variation in Unbonded Post- Tensioned (UBPT) Construction: Potential Consequences for Post-Fire Performance"
By Luke Bisby, Kevin MacLean, Colin MacDougall, John Gales

Awarded 'best poster' prize at:
The International Conference on Applications of Structural Fire Engineering
Prague, 19-20 February 2009.


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