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Fire Safety Engineering @ Edinburgh: 1973-2013

The University of Edinburgh has been an important institution in the field of Fire Safety Engineering for four decades. Many of those who are now leaders in the field came to Edinburgh to study and research under the supervision of the late Prof David Rasbash, one of the main pioneers of the discipline, and Prof Dougal Drysdale, author of the definitive text book on the subject, 'Introduction to Fire Dynamics' (Wiley, 3rd edition 2011) and Prof Jose Torero who was, until recently, the BRE/RAE Chair in Fire Safety Engineering. Teaching and research in fire safety continues at Edinburgh under the leadership of Prof Albert Simeoni, who joined us in July 2013.

The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering is part of the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment, School of Engineering at The University of Edinburgh.

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What we do

We are a world-class research fire centre with 40 research members from more than 18 different nationalities.The BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering exists to:
  • Equip tomorrow's leaders in the field with the skills they require
  • Support today's fire safety with multidisciplinary research
  • Provide first-class education in Fire Safety Engineering and Stuctural Fire Engineering
  • Deliver fire safety consultancy services to industry and other consultancies
  • Disseminate information about advances and research in fire safety engineering through courses, symposia and publications

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Recent poster presentations

SAFE MSc Projects 2011-2012

Fire Performance of Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Confined Concrete Columns by Yajing (Sharon) Gao

External fire spread of building facade by Didi Li

Punching Shear of FLat Slabs in Fire Conditions by Atli Rutur Thorsteinsson

Application and Vlaidation of FireFOAM in a Wide Range of Methane Fire by Chao Wang

Spalling behaviour of HSC Beam subject to high temperatures by Mian Zhou
For more posters, please see our Poster Publications Page.

Public Lecture 2011

The Twin Towers: 10 Years - 10 Lessons on Sustainable Infrastructure
Royal Society of Edinburgh / Royal Academy of Engineering Joint Lecture 2011
Presented by Prof Jose Torero
Recorded Monday 14th March 2011

We carried out a series of large scale fire tests at BRE, Watford. Regular video updates from the test preparations have been being posted on our blog and YouTube channel. The results from the fire tests are being kept confidential at the moment while a 'blind' fire modelling study is underway. Full details will be published next year.

How to find us

Our facilites are located in the King's Buildings campus (2.5 km south of the city center), in the William Rankine Building and the John Muir Building. Click for maps of King's Buildings and more information.


BRE Centre for Fire Safety Engineering
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