SMC - Delivering Innovation through R&D

The SMC vision has been to create a portfolio of microsystems products and manufacturing capabilities for applications ranging from consumer goods and optoelectronics, to life sciences and medicine. With the SMC hosting the Institute for Integrated Micro and Nanosystems and a range of Companies the Centre covers the complete range of R&D activities ranging from blue skies research to product development. A key component of the SMC's Roadmap has been to integrate photonics, microfluidics, chemical sensing, new materials and micro-mechanical functionality with the processing power of IC electronics.

With the capability of processing wafers upto 200mm in diameter the SMC works closely with with both industry and academia and offers a range of Commercial Services. The SMC celebrated its 10th birthday in 2010 and information giving details of the background and the building of the cleanrooms over this period is avaliable.

OLED Microdisplay



An OLED on CMOS based microdisplay developed at the SMC. The OLED materials are post-processed on a commercially manufactured foundry CMOS backplane

Drug Release Device



Gold membrane electrodes for electrochemical drug release fabricated at the SMC. The complete system requires integrated CMOS for addressing each cavity

Electroplated Permalloy



Electroplated Permalloy on an SU-8 mould fabricated at the SMC. This technology is required for the integration of magnetic components on CMOS.

SCUBA-2 Detector


A quadrant of the SCUBA-2 astronomical detector system which has been indium bump bonded to a super-conducting SQUID multiplexing chip. This is a collaboration between IIS partners (the UK ATC and the Scottish Microelectronics Centre at the University of Edinburgh), the USA National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Astronomy Instrumentation Group at the University of Wales at Cardif, a consortium of Canadian Universities and the Joint Astronomy Centre (JAC).


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