TCAD and Statistical Software Packages Available

The Silicon Technology Research Group has access to the following software packages. Details of their local implementation are available.

Avant! (TMA) Software Packages

    • SUPREM-3 - A 1-D process simulator
    • TSUPREM-4 - A 2-D process simulator
    • MEDICI - A 2-D device simulator
    • DAVINCI - A 3-D device simulator
    • RAPHAEL - An interconnect simulator (Capacitance and resistance)
    • Taurus-Lithography - A lithography simulator
    • Taurus-Topography - A layer deposition and etch simulator
    • AURORA - Parameter extraction Software
    • DFM WorkBench - Virtual wafer fabrication software
    • Taurus-Visual - Integrated Circuit Technology Visualisation
    • STUDIO - GUI interface for Avant!(TMA) simulators


Domain Software Solutions Ltd Software Packages

    • RS/1 - A statistical and data analysis and management software that includes a built-in programming language for complete customization
    • RS/Explore An integrated statistical advisory package that provides menu-driven data exploration, analysis, and interpretation of results. It enables even even non-statisticians to slice through massive amounts of data to significant information.
    • RS/Discover - Design of experiment (DOE) software to reduce the number of experimental runs required
    • RS/QCA II - A Statistical Process Control (SPC) and quality data analysis package.
    • Cornerstone - An exploratory data-analysis package built specifically to help analyze complex production processes in manufacturing applications. Additional analysis modules include multiple regression, principle components analysis and MANOVA.

Agilent Software Packages

    • ICCAP - Parameter Extraction Software


STRG Software Packages


Other Software Packages Available


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