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Quality Assurance Model

Course and Programme Monitoring and Evaluation

  • The courses are monitored using on-line student evaluation forms.  These are available to the course organisers, who in turn will respond to the students on all important issues via several mediums.
  • The Staff-Student Liaison Committee (SSLC) comprises the elected Class Representatives and members of staff (there is one for each of the four Engineering disciplines). Staff-Student Liaison Committees for each Engineering Discipline meet once a semester (usually around Week 5).

    Matters should only be brought to the SSLC when other informal methods have failed to resolve them, i.e.discussion at tutorials, with the course lecturer, with the students DoS and finally with the Head of Discipline.  The minutes for the SSLC can be found by following the link below:

    Staff-Student liaison committees

  • School-specific forms (these will follow)

These monitoring and evaluation procedures are based on a series of University-wide principles.

University principles for course and programme evaluation and monitoring

Quality Annual Reporting

Guidance on content and timescales for the annual School Quality report to College can be found at:

College timescales for quality annual reporting

External Examiners

College guidance for external examiners

Internal Subject Review

The most recent Teaching Programme Review (TPR) reports and responses are available from the Quality Unit site.

Read the latest TPR reports and responses - Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electronics and Electrical Engineering 2005-2006

Read the latest TPR reports and responses - Mechanical Engineering 2007-2008

Summary reports from TPR are included in staff-student liaison committee agendas and students are kept informed of progress in responding to the review recommendations.

Examples of good practice in teaching and learning are an essential part of 'internal subject review'

Read about good practice in teaching and learning

ELIR (Enhancement-Led Institutional Review)

Preparation for the 2011 Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) is in process.  For details about the preparations, timeline, ELIR Review Team visit dates, school contacts and Steering Group members, please see the Quality Unit website.

2011 Enhancement-Led Institutional Review (ELIR) guidance

Quality Annual Reporting

Publish the annual School Quality report here.

Quality Timeline

The College timeline for key deadlines in the annual Quality process can be found below.

College quality calendar

Reporting Flowchart

A flowchart showing the interaction of school, college and University reporting is available from the Quality Unit website.

Read more about school, college and University reporting