Absence Request Form

The School absence procedure governs ALL absences whether work related, for annual leave or family leave. It is a school REQUIREMENT that all staff and PGRs submit an absence REQUEST in writing in advance using the online form (above). This must be approved in writing in advance, before any annual leave or family leave is taken and before any work-related absence from the School lasting for more than half a day is taken.

The Absence Request procedure is predicated on the fact that the normal place of work for all Engineering staff is at one of the buildings on the KB site, as per the contract of employment. If staff would like to be absent offsite, whether on work-related business (such as attending a conference or workshop, visiting the premises of a collaborator or a host placement company, or other University related business at one of the other UoE premises) or for annual leave or for family leave, this absence must be requested in writing in advance and approved in writing in advance and before any travel/accommodation arrangements are made. This helps to ensure the professional management of the School including ensuring that:

  • essential duties are covered by other staff during that absence;
  • Freedom of Information / Data Protection enquiries are responded to within the very tight deadline imposed (legally);
  • all staff are covered by appropriate insurance (including professional indemnity insurance) while conducting work-related duties offsite;
  • the School meets its duty of care to all staff in knowing their whereabouts;
  • the University meets its obligations under UKBA points based migration legislation;

Absence requests are considered / approved by the relevant line manager and copies are also received by the School Office for information. In relation to approved work-related absence, contact details for the duration of the absence must be provided.

Persistent failure to comply may result in disciplinary action.