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Bio-inspired, Learning, and Intelligent Systems for Security


2007 ECSIS Symposium on Bio-inspired, Learning, and Intelligent Systems for Security


August 9-10, 2007 Edinburgh, UK


The 2007 ECSIS Symposium on Bio-inspired, Learning, and Intelligent Systems

for Security will be held

August 9-10, 2007 in Edinburgh, UK 

immediately following the

NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS 2007)

August 5-8, 2007 Edinburgh, UK



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Symposium management



     Playfair Library Hall, The University of  Edinburgh,    Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Organized by:

      ECSIS and The University of Edinburgh, UK

Supported by:
European Centre for Secure Information and Systems (ECSIS.EU)  
Institute for System Level Integration (ISLI), UK
Spiral Gateway Ltd., UK



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Scope:   This symposium is of interest to developers and users of reliable, versatile and intelligent systems* needed by a broad range of security applications.  Examples of such applications are: the detection and prevention of cyber-crimes and identity theft, internet security, security of financial systems, security of public transportation systems, emergency response systems (e.g. combining space-based systems with geographical information systems), etc.  Systems with different degrees of autonomy of operation benefit greatly from incorporating aspects and mechanisms that are found in a broad range of biological systems: from survivability and adaptation of the simple living structures to learning, creativity, cognition and various forms of intelligence that are normally associated with humans.  The symposium will bring together: (a) investigators of bio-inspired and intelligent techniques (more exactly, techniques that increase the machine intelligence quotient (MIQ), such as, for example, techniques of Artificial Intelligence) and their implementations on high-performance systems with (b) real-world application developers, project managers, system integrators and end users of security applications.


 (*) Intelligent Systems  are defined here as artificial computational systems which operate in part or fully autonomously, and which display behaviour that if it were to be observed in animals would normally become associated with intelligence of one sort or another.



Submissions: Papers will be published in the Proceedings with IEEE Computer Society. A selection of papers will be expanded and prepared for publication as journal papers for special issues of International Soft Computing Journal (Springer).




Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:



Ø       Adaptation algorithms

Ø       Automata (including fuzzy, probabilistic, etc)

Ø       Advanced Signal processing

Ø       Biometrics    

Ø       Bioinformatics/Algorithms

Ø       Bio-inspired algorithms and technologies

Ø       Biomimetics

Ø       Reconfigurable technologies

Ø       Adaptive and Evolvable Systems

Ø       Machine Learning

Ø       Neural networks

Ø       Modelling and simulations

Ø       Prediction techniques

Ø       Pattern recognition

Ø       Expert systems

Ø       Cognitive systems

Ø       Soft computing techniques (fuzzy, neural, evolutionary, etc)

Ø       Sensor information processing

Application areas:

Ø                 Sensing (remote sensing, sensor

             networks, etc)

Ø                 Space-based systems

Ø                 Early warning systems

Ø                 Robotic systems

Ø                 Language translation systems

Ø                 Financial systems

Ø                 Human-centric systems

Ø                 Decision support systems

Ø                 Training systems (modeling, simulation,

             virtual environments)

Ø                 Complex systems reliability

Ø                 Geographic Information Systems

Ø                 Transportation systems

Ø                 Detection/prevention of Identity theft

Ø                 ID security

Ø                 Wireless communications security

Ø                 Cyberspace security

Ø                 Biometric security systems

Symposium Co-Chairs:
Tughrul Arslan, University of Edinburgh, UK
Daniel Howard, QinetiQ, UK
Program Chair:
Adrian Stoica, University of Edinburgh, UK and ECSIS

Local Organizing Committee:

Ahmed El-Rayis, University of Edinburgh, UK (Local Organizing Chair)
Ahmet T. Erdogan, University of Edinburgh, UK

Erfu Yang, University of Edinburgh, UK

Nakul Haridas, University of Edinburgh, UK

Program Committee: 
Radu Andrei, Plura-Tech, USA
Nizamettin Aydin, Bahcesehir Univerity, Turkey
Juergen Becker, U Karlsruhe, Germany
Ahmed Bouridane, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Ioan Doroftei, TU Iasi, Romania
Ralph Dum, European Comission

Dan Galea, TU Iasi, Romania

Gareth Howells, University of Kent, UK

H J Kadim, LJM University, Liverpool, UK

Didier Keymeulen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA
Klaus McDonald-Maier, Univeristy of Essex, UK

J.Manuel Moreno, Technical University of Catalunya (UPC), Spain
Mircea Gh. Negoita, Pertronic Industries Ltd., New Zealand
Corina Pasareanu, NASA Ames, USA

Phil Phillips, UK

Justinian Rosca, Siemens, USA

Vlad P. Shmerko, University of Calgary, Canada

Horia N. Teodorescu, TU Iasi, Romania
Jim Torresen, University of Oslo, Norway

Andy Tyrrell, University of York, UK
Tanya Vladimirova, Surrey Space Center, University of Surrey, UK

Svetlana Yanushkevich, University of Calgary, Canada

Ricardo Zebulum, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA

Eduardo Sanchez, EPFL, Switzerland

Gianluca Tempesti, U York, UK

Wei Yan, University College London, UK

Charlie Frowd, University of Central Lancashire, UK

Lukas Sekanina, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Sue Ellen Haupt, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Sanda Mandutianu, JPL, California Institute of Technology, USA

Vasile Palade, Oxford University, UK

Isabella Panella, Thales Group, UK
Sarah Thompson, NASA, USA

Alicia Morales, University of Edinburgh, UK



Important Dates

Deadline for abstracts/papers: March 22, 2007

Author notification:                 April 17, 2007

Camera ready:                          May 4, 2007

Author/Early registration:        June 30, 2007

Expanded papers in journal format (instructions will be emailed separately):      To be announced


Potential organizers for special sessions and panels:  please contact Tughrul Arslan

Contact Information:

For further information please check the conference web site
or contact Tughrul Arslan:


Tel:     +44 131 6505592

Fax:    +44 131 6506554


The ECSIS Symposia are focused on intelligent systems and applications.



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