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Authors of selected papers on the Evolvable Hardware category at the AHS2007 Conference will be invited to submit an extended version of their papers for :

Guest Invited KES Journal Issue: Recent Advances in Adaptive and Evolvable Hardware and Systems

The Guest Editors: Prof. Mircea Gh Negoita, New Zealand and Prof. Tughrul Arslan, UK


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NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems


August 5- 8, 2007
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

AHS-2007 "Festival of Science"
is held during the famous
Edinburgh Festival 2007

Immediately after AHS we are also organizing BLISS-2007

please follow link below




2007 ECSIS Symposium on Bio-inspired, Learning, and Intelligent Systems for Security

August 9-10, 2007, Playfair Library,

University of Edinburgh

Scotland, UK









Scope of Conference


The NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS-2007) will be held August 5-8, 2007, in Edinburgh, UK. The purpose of the conference is to bring together leading researchers from the adaptive hardware and systems community to exchange experiences and share new ideas in the field. The conference expands the topics addressed by the precursor series of NASA/DoD Conference on Evolvable Hardware, the NASA/ESA series held between 1999 and 2005. With a broader scope including a variety of hardware and system adaptation methods and targeting more industry participation, started with the AHS 2006 conference held in Istanbul, Turkey, June 15-18 2006.


Adaptation reflects the capability of a system to maintain or improve its performance in the context of internal or external changes, such as uncertainties and variations during fabrication, faults and degradations, modifications in the operational environment, incidental or intentional interference, different users and preferences, modifications of standards and requirements, trade-offs between performance and resources, etc. Adaptation at hardware levels increases the system capabilities beyond what is possible with software-only solutions, and a large number of adaptation features employing both analog and digital adjustments are becoming increasingly present in the most elementary system components. Algorithms, techniques, and their implementation in hardware are developed over a diverse variety of applications, such as adaptive communications (adapting to changing environment and interferences), reconfigurable systems on a chip and portable wireless devices (adapting to power limitations) or survivable spacecraft (adapting to extreme environments and mission unknowns). This meeting will provide a forum for discussion on the generic techniques of adaptive hardware and systems, with a focus on communications and space applications, with view to its expansion and exploitation in other applications such as consumer, medical, defence and security, etc.


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